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Alex is one of the recently re-joined members of the FM , he was on leave after a refusal to go falling due to not enough people going and a risk of getting kicked out, he has recently rejoined the FM and is likely to be included in most episodes after "Fake Falling 10 " Alex was one of the original members of the FM's and was at one point given the position of Vice President but after a leave was stripped of the role and it was re-assigned to andrew early in the month of November.

Alex's first appearance was in " Fake Falling 1" in which he appeared doing various falls filmed with the previous camera angle , he then made an appearance in " Fake Falling 5 " which is known as his best episode , he has not made any other appearances in the series but is set for a return in " Fake Falling 10" after he earned his place back in the FM after a fall that occurred in school.

Fake Falling 5 Incident

There is controversy surrounding the ending of " Fake Falling 5 " in which Alex and Will are caught falling by a walmart employee , after the apprehension , Alex manages to escape while the walmart employee known as " The Jamaican Lady" is not looking , after this incident he is left in the store while the other members of the FM are kicked out , in a panicked moment he asks a walmart employee where his friends have gone and he manages to get a woman who worked in customer service to lend him her phone , after this he calls a FM member and they get Will to go in looking for him , after they re unite they exit the store and go to a Golf shop.

Falling Style

Alex's Falling style is said to be in the resemblance of popular soccer player Neymar , Alex is said to jump up before he falls to make it look more dramatic.

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