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Jason is one of the primary FM members, he has been featured in a majority of the " Fake Falling " series and is considered an active member. Jason tends to have a subtle falling style which is described as swift and precise , Jason's most popular fall is said to have have happened in " Fake Falling 9" . His first appearance was in " Fake Falling 1 " . Jason is also said to be good at " The freezer door trick " in which a member of the FM hits his head against the glass and collapses to the floor a method practiced in " Fake Falling 8" and " Fake Falling 9" . Jason also has been known to send buggy's up the walmart automatic lift and then proceed to

leave the cart unattended a trick seen towards the end of " Fake Falling 9 " with the music of Bob Dylan playing as the sequence occurred .

Personal life

Jason is also a member of the band " Metro Head " he practices with Will , jackson and another member not in the FM .

Jason attends the same school as will and the rest of the members in the FM.

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