Will , Featured in all episodes of the series " Fake Falling " , is the current president of the FM ( Falling Masters)

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Will is behind ALL of the " Fake Falling " Video's which originated in Early july but have roots leading back to March 2014 , in which hidden camera's captured footage of Will falling around his school usually in class rooms with the intent of turning off the lights to get a reaction from his teacher. This worked for a while until he decided that he wanted more of a " shock " reaction , this led to what we commonly know as Fake Falling . Will would fall in various area's of school and usually drop his things in this process, this can be seen in " Fake Falling 1 " which was released july 5th . This was the last the time that the school was ever featured in the series.

Controversy of Fake Falling 5

In the episode of Fake Falling 5 controversy arose surrounding the ending of the episode in which a standard falling action takes place , The iphone was paced in the shelf to film the isle after this action Alex the FM member is seen going up to a woman in her mid to late forties and covering her eyes , this was a new action that had taken place , it was followed by him saying " guess who this is " ( this is believed to be inspired by the Viner " Jerome Jarre" After this the woman turns around and Alex say's " Oh i'm sorry , i've mistaken you to be my mothers friend. " After this action you can notice will hesitate to move and then finally decide to move when the lady is completely looking at him , he then trips over her cart and knocks the things that he had in his hand to the ground. This should have been the end of the fall but as soon as the fall ended , a woman commonly reffered to as " The Jamaican Lady" begins to yell at will, she is captured telling him that it is all faked and that what he is doing is prohibited in the store. While she is yelling at him , Alex can be seen exiting the isle and managing to sprint off into the distance . Will was kicked out of the store and so where all the other members of the FM that day ( Paul , Kyle , Mike , Matt ) This did not include Alex who was wandering the store looking for all the other members , not having a phone at the time , he had to ask one of the staff members where the other members of the FM where , she informed him that they had been kicked out, he then asked her for her phone to call a member of the FM which happened to be Paul , she agreed and when he did he found out that they where over at a golf store after being kicked out. After this incident it is reported that the FM where hesitant to return falling in fears of a police presence.

Personal Life

Will is friends with all of the FM members , this means that they usually partake in other activities outside of the FM which include the band Metro head that is composed of 3/4 FM members.

Will lives in Albany in a nice neighborhood and attends school with all of the FM members.

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